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Mindset: Lesson 1

  • The Go Big Mindset
  • Don’t build your mansion on quicksand
  • 3 things a CEO should do

Mindset: Lesson 2

  • Get off the entrepreneur’s hamster wheel
  • The three things a CEO should be doing
  • Elevate yourself into the role of a CEO
  • This is time to work on the business, not in the business

Mindset: Lesson 3

  • Desire trumps everything
  • Find your why
  • What’s in your eulogy?
  • Every great “yes” is defended by a thousand tiny “no”s

Mindset: Lesson 4

  • Why limiting beliefs will hold you back
  • How to bust the belief and replace it with the positive opposite
  • The most common limiting beliefs – which do you have?

Mindset: Lesson 5

  • Exercise Be-Do-Have, not Have-Do-Be
  • Become who you want to be
  • Free up space for you to do your “genius work”

Mindset: Lesson 6

  • T-BEAR is an acronym for Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Actions, Results
  • To change your results you have to go back to the thoughts
  • Only your Actions and Results are visible to others

Mindset: Lesson 7

  • 8 Go Big Mindset practices