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Team Workbook

Team: Lesson 1

  • The team you have vs the team you want
  • Avoid hiring the wrong person
  • Set your team up for success

Team: Lesson 2

  • Go from doer to leader
  • Have the right system
  • How to automate, outsource and delegate

Team: Lesson 3

  • Who decisions not what decisions
  • Contractors vs. employees
  • Hire for the company you want

Team: Lesson 4

  • Tips for hiring top talent
  • Look for “high initiative” people
  • Articulate your company culture

Team: Lesson 5

  • Create Core values
  • Hire a team that matches your core values
  • Focus on having a unique company culture

Team: Lesson 6

  • Create job descriptions and an onboarding process
  • Choose a project management system
  • Work on project management skills

Team: Lesson 7

  • Top pitfalls of managing teams
  • Create a prioritization system
  • Why you should trust but verify

Team: Lesson 8

  • What winning teams do
  • Don’t create Sisyphean tasks!
  • How can you celebrate with your team?

Team: Lesson 9

  • Celebrate completing MDW Accelerator
  • Get active in The Network
  • Attend MDW virtual events