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Money: Lesson 1​

  • Make more money
  • Manage the money you have
  • Access growth capital

Money: Lesson 2

• Explore ways to make more
• Productize your services
• Cultivate a money mindset

Money: Lesson 3

  • There are “riches in niches”
  • Examples of niching down 
  • Matching your strategy with your money goals

Money: Lesson 4

  • Projections calculator 
  • Base case, medium case and best case scenario 
  • Which products and services are scalable?

Money: Lesson 5

  • Productizing your services 
  • Examples of productized services 
  • How this will help you scale

Money: Lesson 6

  • Cultivate an abundant money mindset
  • Rewrite your money story 
  • Create a money mantra

Money: Lesson 7

  • Prioritize managing your money
  • Check in with your accountant
  • Be sure to verify all your financial documents

Money: Lesson 8

  • Income statement aka profit and loss
  • Statement of cash flow
  • Balance sheet

Money: Lesson 9

  • Margins and KPI
  • Determining the best margins for your industry
  • Cash is Queen

Money: Lesson 10

  • Create an emergency fund 
  • Consider Profit First Bookkeeping
  • Ask for a line of credit

Money: Lesson 11

  • Accessing growth capital
  • 5 ways to finance your business
  • Are you ready to raise capital?